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Why TEAMprovisingbenefits your group


Ask anyone what their biggest problem at work is.

It's probably not the reports, deadlines or computer glitches.
It's getting through it all with the people involved - both co-workers and clients!
Maybe you work with: 


Penny -- who 
never knows 
what she wants?

Joan -- who thinks she's informed you but you still don't have the facts?

Quincy -- who interrupts 
and never acknowledges what you've said?

Warren -- who no one really knows after three years because he just 
kinda sits there?


The truth is: Penny and Joan do know what they want but they don't express it well.
Quincy doesn't recognize that his way of getting to the point drives other people nuts.
And Warren is intimidated by all three so he doesn't want to reveal much about himself.


What does it all come down to?


Like it or not, the office is our second family.  And life gives you about as much choice for co-workers as does for siblings!  

And even LESS choice about your clients.  So the trick is to find the way to like it

  When we like being with our co-workers and clients, we support each other. 

  We go the extra mile for teammates, maybe without even being asked. 

  Studies show we produce better work in such an environment
          and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

  People who like being together show respect to one another,
          curtailing a myriad of potential harassment suits.


Bottom Line

When we enjoy working with those around us, the company 
gets satisfied, productive employees who want to stay - 
making the investment that the company puts into THEM pay off.


How Milo fits in

In my fifteen years of information technology work for corporations and government agencies, I worked with all four of the people above and hundreds of others -- all of whom ranged from loveable to infuriating. 

I actually liked working with Quincy because I learned to work within his style -- through humor, good-naturedness, and effective communication. It was always a challenge, but paid off repeatedly. 

And he often told my boss how much easier I was to work with than other supporting staff. 

Really, I hadn't changed; my attitude toward him had.

You and your staff can share in this exciting way of facing the day 
as part of a productive, supportive team. 

TEAMprovising will get you where you want to be!


"TEAMprovising created the community, creativity, and cooperation I've wanted to see from the team leads.  Even the most conservative ones were caught up in the momentum and calling out their realizations after the exercises."     


-- Patricia Clay, San Diego Gas and Electric, Supervisor



2003 by Milo Shapiro.   All Rights Reserved

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