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TEAMprovising with Milo ShapiroThe Improv Guy!

Build productive, positive work relationships 
using the fun of IMPROV exercises!

We improvise every time communication occurs!   

Does your team always ready to hit the ground running?


Delve into the workshop where we look at how we handle what comes our way - expected or not!  Revel in the great fun and team spirit built into our games.  We'll be playing with both our strengths and our quirks. You're set for laughter and learning!


  IMPROVE COMMUNICATION!  Improv teaches us to listen
         carefully, build upon the ideas of others, and recognize body
         language clues.

  TEAMBUILDING!  Let down those self-imposed barriers of
         status and longevity.  For today, we're all in the same boat
         doing something new, exciting, and cooperative.

  PROBLEM SOLVING!  After we burst the sides of the "box",
         our newly expanded comfort zone allows for new possibilities.

  BOOST SALES!  Teamwork goes beyond our co-workers; it's
         in the relationships we develop with clientele.  Learn to read
         them and find the creative solutions that work for both of you.

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Partial client list: Sempra Energy Computer Sciences Corp.
  The U.S. Marines Union Bank of California
  Southwest Airlines San Diego Gas & Electric
  Qualcomm U.S. Department of Defense
  San Diego State Univ. Congresswoman Susan Davis


"My staff is now much more excited about being a part of this group and supporting one another, both personally and professionally.   

The TEAMprovising class has changed us from task-focused individuals to a dynamic work-team ready to excel.  

Your course provided one of the key elements to the success of our project…we are all capable individuals working towards a common goal."


    Enrique Villalobos, Sempra Energy,
Manager, Software Component Development  



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