Milo Shapiro 
with the most interactive keynotes you'll find!





            Milo's most requested program:


1    "We Gotta Fail...

       To Succeed!"

previously known as
"Who Has FUN With Failure?"


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2 "Public Speaking:

            Get A's,

    Not ZZzzzz's"

Based on Milo's book by the same
name, showing you how to be

"Prepared, Polished, and Powerful"
when you speak

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3 The IMPROVfessionals 
    Top-Ten Countdowns!


"Laugh in the Fast Lane" 
"Whose Line-Manager
Is It Anyway?"

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4   "Professional
           Simon Sez"


 This so-called "kids game"

has a lot to teach us about
our listening skills


Available as part of a
longer keynote or stand-alone

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In his guest speaking engagements, Milo uses personal tales, historic events and exercises of improvisation to bring awareness to issues of communication, risk-taking, teamwork, management, sales, public speaking skills, and more. 

Unlike speakers who lecture for the entire speaking time, Milo facilitates fun, easy improv activities within the seated audience.  Laughter quickly fills the room as the participants recognize their own communication quirks that both hinder and help them succeed.  Exercises are followed by an upbeat "what-did-we-learn" and stories from Milo's experience which bring home the lessons and further entertain.

His duo programs take business topics and bring them to light
through 10 improv games that prove business points while they entertain.

And the Professional Simon Sez?  Well, sometimes you're looking
for only 2% learning with 98% fun.  But as you'll see in the video,
there's some lessons about our listening skills there as well!

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Partial Client List:




Cox Communications


Southwest Airlines

Abbott Laboratories

Sharp Health Care

Meeting Professionals International


Sempra Energy

American Society of Training & Development

Fair Isaac

Kaiser Permanente

Association for Women In Science

San Diego County Bar Association


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Pictured:  Milo walking through the audience during one paired activity
in "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!"

   NOTE:  Improvisers learn quickly that cleverness 
               is only about 25% of the equation.  
               Beyond that, we require:
                  listening skills
                  support for one another, and 
                  willingness to fail with grace 

               Wouldn't it be great to have your 
experiencing these abilities? 
               Not at some vague time later, 
               but RIGHT NOW...
during the presentation!

"We are improvising every time we respond to input -- 
whether in a job interview, closing a sale, 
or getting someone off the phone. 

Our ability to cope and thrive with varied input 
can make-or-break our ability to succeed.

And we retain better what we enjoy learning."

- Milo Shapiro