The IMPROVfessionals: Top Ten Countdowns!


Video on The Improvfessionals duo entertainment program    

With titles like "Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?" and
"Laugh In the Fast Lane"
, these entertaining duo'trio keynote presentations
are as much a show and an activity as they are speeches. 

We blend entertainment, audience involvement, and a topic of your choosing
in this team presentation.

The show/speech team (called "The IMPROVfessionals") includes
Milo Shapiro with
one or two other experienced keynote improvisers,
like Lee Krevat who is pictured here.


The Improvfessionals "top-ten" style lists are customized to the focus
of the gathering.  We've been asked to entertain on ten points about:

  management and teamwork
  event planning
  social blunders (for a non-work party) 

Then, a life story and/or an improv game is used to make each of the ten points.  


How can improv make points?  Here's an example:

    A key principle that applies to almost any theme we take on is that you cannot keep cutting the time invested and expect results of the same quality.  

For example, we play the game "Half Time" to prove this point.  In "Half Time", an improvised scene is done in exactly one minute.  Then the same scene is run in 30 seconds.   Then in 15.  Then in 8!   And finally, we play their scene in only 4 seconds!  The audience is delighted to see what details will remain to keep the essence of the scene together as we face these devastating time crunches.

Some games even involve getting audience members up to be involved with us (like this woman joining Milo and Improvfessional Jen Clark), which adds to the fun.


This is just one of the many games we tailor to meet the concepts on the Top 10 list.  (Click to see a written list from one of our top 10 shows).  And your attendees KNOW how customized the show is because THEY get to tell us what the scene will be about!

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Brochure for the Improvfessionals "Top Tens"

Testimonials on this program

Here's an additional video from a game we include in the trio show where Laura Jane's impersonation skills tie in to the business points we make on being adaptable, because "Change Is Constant!" (we recommend that you see the main video about this program first, though, so that you get this game in context).


Part of what makes this such fun is that we DO make your people stars in the presentation as well.  Carefully chosen games can include your more playful attendees.  And games can be led from the podium that are done in pairs at tables, giving everyone a chance to stretch their minds and have fun without being in performance mode. 

  What are some of the variations we've worked with?  
  Here are our three most popular requests:  

== Laugh=In=The=Fast=Lane ==      
Our "Sales" and/or "Customer Service" Presentation


"Laugh In the Fast Lane" uses the top-ten list improv concept described above. Here, all the points are sales-oriented for a sales team audience, giving sales agents and managers some key reminders and some playful tools to make it easier to face their challenging business

Points include:  

   "Never make the customer wrong"
"Presentation Counts"
   "Be Creative - Even Within Your Guidelines".

As Kodak told us after their national sales conference, "This was just the energy booster we needed to laugh at ourselves a bit and then focus on what we need to get done."


"Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?" 
(Management and Teamwork)

  Our most requested version!  Getting along in our complex business environment is tough!  As we announce our ten business principles here, we often hear groans and chuckles of recognition that tell us we're hitting the target.  The crowd may be laughing but they're getting the message, too, as we hit upon principles like:

 "Change Is Constant"
 "More People on a Project Does Not Necessarily Speed It Up"
 "Collaboration Creates Success"
 "Make Sure Your Message Is Understood"



"Laugh in the Fast Lane"          (The NON-business version)

  Rather than come up with yet ANOTHER name for our presentation for non-business audiences, we again use the title "Laugh In the Fast Lane".  Here we use the top-ten list improv concept, described in the other presentations, but our focus now is just a fun discussion of getting along with other people in this crazy world of ours.

Instead of using business terms like "Avoid Micro-Management", we use the principle "Don't be such a control freak!" and the improv game works just as well for your social event.  Tales of our families, natural science, and personal adventures boost this non-business, improv-based show to a fun level your attendees/guests will discuss for months.


Call your agency representative for more details on how this all works
and how we could cater these presentations for your event!


For smaller groups, we also offer improvisation as a business training workshop! 
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Testimonial letters for the duo & trio shows of

The IMPROVfessionals:  Top Ten Countdowns
with titles like: 
"Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?"
and "Laugh In the Fast Lane"


(Sample quotes here; you can read the entire
letter by clicking on the company's name)



Other letters and clients for this program include:


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Institute for Managerial Accounting

Society for Software Quality