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In Milo's presentation on public speaking skills, the audience enjoys a well-rounded, interactive program on key points from his book (below). 

With his playful, story-filled approach, Milo will cover these topics and more:

  capturing the power of story to make a point more strongly than lecture

  set the stage with your body to help people envision the details

  the Seven Variants of Vocal Variety

  the Four Stages to Successful Speech Structure

  common ways that we can alienate or distract our audiences

  taking control of Q&A time

Milo ties it all together in a program with so much fun and so many aha's, people won't even mind learning!

In Milo's trademark fashion, this presentation includes times when, right in their seats, they'll be asked to play out a few exercises - giving them a chance to put some of the ideas into action before they ever leave the room. 

Then, enjoy the boosted energy for the rest of your conference after everyone has played together!

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"An hour chock-full of ideas I know our attendees will apply...Milo made this one hour mini-workshop well worth the cost of the entire [half-day] seminar."

    - International Association of Administrative Professionals
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Many of the concepts in this presentation come from Milo's book, "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!", pictured below.  (more info on the book via the "Books" link)



Testimonials on Milo's keynote

"Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"

about presentation skills and Public Dynamics™  


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