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  Letters of Reference -  Speaking and Entertaining

There are FIVE different speaking programs
that we have testimonials for here.

  1. "We Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"   
  2. "The IMPROVfessionals Top Tens"  
  3. "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"
  4. "IMPROVfessionals: The Home Version"
  5. "Grow With The Flow"

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1) Milo's Most-Requested Keynote:  "We Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"


previously called "You Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"
previously called  "Who Has Fun With Failure?"



Other letters and clients for this program include:


Center for Financial Training - Nat'l Conf.

The International Special Events Society

San Diego Chamber of Commerce

San Diego Disc Jockey Association


Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Assoc.

Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Assoc.

San Diego Accounting Day

American Society of Training &
     Development (Int'l Conference)

Int'l Slurry Surfacing Association

Housing Commission - City of San Diego
    (repeat client)

Int'l Soc. for Performance Improvement



2)  Duo & trio shows by

The IMPROVfessionals:

featuring our "Top Ten Lists"


This program is sometimes called 
"Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?"
or "Laugh In The Fast Lane"



Other letters and clients for this program include:


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Institute for Managerial Accounting

Society for Software Quality




3)  "Public Speaking:
      Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"

Milo's speech about presentation skills and Public Dynamics  




4)  "IMPROVfessionals: 
        The Home Version"
       "Whose Show Is It Anyway?"

(where your group IS the show...with Milo's help!)

Los Angeles County (all directors and managers conference)
Pacific Monarch hotels
TechmerPM (plastics and polymer production)

Periodontal Offices of Dr. Blake Synowski  
KaiserPermanente Health Care Organization
Blue Feather Management (speaker management company)
Out of the Ordinary Events



  5)  "Grow With The Flow"   
            (A follow-up to "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" for those wanting more!)

City of San Diego
Housing Commission

"The stories were touching, the messages were motivating, and it created the open-minded feeling we wanted for the rest of the event.

Equally special were the interactive games you led us through in the middle of the program.  Some tables were laughing so hard at their unexpected creativity!



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