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Milo is a San Diego Team Building Leader who works across the U.S. 

Milo Shapiro The Improv Guy!     


Build productive, positive work relationships and improv communication...using the creative fun of IMPROV team building!


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FAQs about TEAMprovising™  

How can I create TEAMprovising for my staff?

Just call us or reach out initially through our teambuilding contact page.

IMPROVentures is San Diego-based, but options for teaching elsewhere are happily discussed.


Do you do workshops that aren't for work groups?

Absolutely. Sometimes the focus is a little different, depending upon your group.  The material is easily tailored to suit your social, religious, school, or other organization.  We can even adapt it to be more of a "party game" format for a social event.

How long is the workshop?

This too can be tailored.  The complete IMPROVentures’ “TEAMprovising” class is a one-day course (six hours).  
Follow-up seminars are encouraged to keep the feeling alive. 

That being said, if you know in advance that your group can only do a certain number of hours
(ie: you have a 3 or 4 hour time block one morning during a retreat), we're happy to discuss options for doing that as well. 

Who teaches “TEAMprovising”?

Classes can be taught by a single instructor (usually Milo Shapiro) or co-taught by Milo and one of several other excellent teachers from the San Diego and Los Angeles area, all experienced in teaching the same forms. 

Co-teaching allows for more personalized attention in paired and small group work. Best of all, co-teaching allows for demonstration of exercises, rather than description. The lessons are more readily seen in demonstration, but either way can work effectively.  It also allows an assistant to play in when you end up with an odd number for the day or someone who simply must run for the restroom during a paired exercise.

What if this looks too goofy for my group?

Sometimes people are understandable (but unnecessarily) concerned 
about this after seeing the very outgoing group who happened to be in the video.

Your TEAMprovising team leader has learned the art of reading a group
and tailoring the day to the energy in the room. 
Customization occurs on the spot as we take note of how much your group likes
being more or less physical, enjoys mental challenges, and reacts to small group
or paired work as compared to whole group activities.  

And don't underestimate your folks ability to let loose.  We've had librarians, engineers, and accountants who blew us away!

Can I get a brochure for TEAMprovising to show someone?

If you can view a PDF file, it's as easy as a click: 

Why don't I see your rates here?

Rates vary by a number of factors, so it is not as simple as it would sound to publish rates.  Factors include:

  •  Number of attendees
  •  Number of hours together
  •  Distance your event is from our home base in San Diego
  •  Distance your event is from the closest airport (if outside SoCal)
  •  Whether the time of the event would require an overnight stay
  •  Number of support staff needed for larger groups

If you can provide as much of this information as is know when you first contact us, we can be better prepared to answer such questions in our first call.   


"It didn't take us long to realize the effectiveness of IMPROVentures.  
In seeing what you can do in just an hour, we have confidence in recommending this remarkable experience to our clients."


-- Matt Robbins, CMP, President






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