Reference Letters for Teambuilding
with both "TEAMprovising™" and 
the Improvfessionals "Home Version"

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These letters are from
clients organizations have permitted me to post their testimonial letters here. 
Others are available upon request.



Sempra Energy's letter

"...TEAMprovising changed us from
     task-focused individuals to a dynamic

     work-team ready to excel.


U.S. Marine Corps' letter

"...The team bonding that happened
     was truly incredible."



  "Our seminar with Milo was a perfect blend of fun
    and productivity; easily the best teambuilding
    activity we've ever done."


Southwest Airlines

"...The raves continue...Even our most nervous
     member put in her evaluation that she had a
     wonderful time and you put her at ease."


San Diego Gas & Electric's letter

"...created the community, creativity,
    and cooperation I've wanted to see
    from the team leads."


Computer Sciences Corporation

"...there was definitely more laughter at work
    [the next day] than I have ever heard."


US Navy

"It was a pleasure to see them engrossed in the material and coming up with creative solutions...They rated the class very highly."


Union Bank of California

"...A great energy boost for the group!"


California Highway Patrol

  "We have all talked about the different interactive
   exercises, not only how much fun they were, but
   but the lessons learned by participating in them."


Packard Realty, Inc

"…it was everything we hoped for and more…
     Consider yourself re-booked for more!"


Surplus Line Association
(insurance management retreat)  

"...It made all the managers work together
    and rely on one was a lot of
    fun, but rewarding to us all."


U.S. Department of Defense  

        [government policy and security prohibit posting
             of recommendations from this agency]


San Diego State University

"...How nice to see fun infused into
    applicable skill development!...
    I heard peals of laughter from [the room]."


Congresswoman Susan Davis
and her staff

        [Congressional policy and prohibits the posting
         of recommendations from this office. 
         Phone reference may be possible
         with her Office Manager]


Big Blue Bus - Mass Transit System
of Santa Monica

" was great for my people to see
    [two people from management] as
    very much human...getting people
    relating with those they hadn't been


The International Society for
Performance Improvement

"...[Milo] creates an atmosphere of emotional
     safety in which people feel confident about
     taking risks."


County of Humboldt
Dep't of Social Services

"...It proved just how universal your concepts are,
    that you could so quickly translate them [to] issues
    dealing with home health, medical practitioners,
    and difficult patients."


(the international professional
society of spine surgeons)

    "I was genuinely surprised to see some of our
     surgeons coming out of their shells as much as
     they did!  Working with such an international mix
     has many challenges.  You accepted the
     challenge gracefully and even played into the
     differences in ways that enhanced the material."


King Technologies

" achieved my goal - to move them outside
    their comfort zone and blend the two groups that   
    hadn't previously been working well together."


Freight Capital


" many of us thought we were building upon
    another person's idea, until we saw we were
    really building on our own ideas."


Imperial County Office of Education

  "It was wonderful to see them both challenged
   and rising to the challenges while learning more
   about how they communicate and where they
   may be involved in creating conflict unintentionally."


Cal State San Marcos

"...amazed at how much their performance
    improved by simply making eye-contact
    with their team members."


The Event Team

" immediately made us all feel at ease...
     it didn't take us long to realize the
     effectiveness of your program."


Chapman University

"...allowing failure to happen as a learning
     experience...breaking down barriers between
     team members..."


California Men's Gatherings

"...I heard nothing but compliments 
    and laughter when participants
    described the class."



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