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To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing to express my appreciation for Milo Shapiro's work at one meeting of the San Diego chapter of ISPI this summer. His presentation was a brief version of longer seminars he does for his corporate clients using improvisation to examine attitudes toward failure and creativity.

Not only was this the most fun I ever had at an ISPI meeting, but I took away much food for thought and several exercises to use in my own work. One of the exercises -- a simple "name game" for helping workshop participants remember the names of fellow participants -- was a huge success at a workshop at my company the following week. I did the name game with this group at the beginning of the week; at the end of the week, many of the participants told me that it really worked. Both of the workshop leaders told me they had never seen such a bonded group; one even said this was the first workshop he led in 30 years in which he knew everyone's name at the end of the week. All because of this ingenious little game that Milo taught us.

Milo's material is excellent. He creates an atmosphere of emotional safety in which people feel confident about taking risks. I'm hoping to have him back for another meeting next year. And he's inspired me to sign up for an improvisation course here in town, just to add more fun to my life.


Lerissa Patrick

President, ISPI San Diego

(619) 491-0461