California Men's Gathering --
Letter of Reference

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Dear Milo,

On behalf of the board of the California Men’s Gatherings, I wanted to thank you for your participation in our autumn gathering in the San Diego area.

As you know, the San Diego gathering is young compared to the decades of gatherings in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We have strived to make our retreat as valuable and professional as the long-standing ones up north.


Once again, your workshop in improvisation was a hit.  It was the first one to fill up during registration.  Perhaps we should consider booking you for two time slots next year, if you’ll come again?  


I heard nothing but compliments and laughter when participants described the class.  It was amazing to me that you were able to gain their confidence and teach them enough to include beginners in the talent show that same night!   I admired their courage and, even more so, was amazed that you could get them to work together like that so quickly.  I wish I could have found time to take the class myself, but there is so much to do when one is on staff.


I'm going to make sure that our Los Angeles committee is aware of this success.  Contact them at (323) 960-5517 any time after next week if you are interested in presenting at the retreat in Malibu in June 2001.  I'm sure you’d be a fine addition to their program.



Best wishes,


Ted Kerkelis,

CMG San Diego Chairman

(direct line:  619-291-2599)