Teaching Experience



Note:  This teaching resume does not take into account the dozens of keynote presentations I've given, which are certainly a less-interactive form of teaching.  This resume is solely about experience teaching TEAMprovising and other improv forms.  To learn more about them, click the link above.


TEAMprovising                                       Many workshops from July 2000 to present


Facilitated workshop called “TEAMprovising” to accomplish such client requested goals as:

    - improving teamwork

    - better listening skills

    - breaking down "us" and "them" feelings

    - recognizing stumbling blocks to communication

    - boosting creativity


TEAMprovising works by adapting the skill sets of improvisation to games that any beginner can learn quickly.  The learning comes both in their own minds within the fun and in the debriefing after each game.


Clients have included Sempra Energy, Computer Sciences Corporation, San Diego Gas and Electric, Union Bank of California, The US Navy and Marine Corps, and more.  For a fuller list and testimonials, return to the main menu and select the Testimonials option in the left margin (quick link by clicking here).


IMPROVfessionals: The Home Version       Several between 2005 to present


Created an entertainment experience where attendees come up, learn a game on the spot, and give it a try in front of the audience.
Strong effort to select games where they will feel successful and be heroes for taking the chance to come up.

In some cases, it was set up as a bit of a competition - pros and cons to that, but it can work well with some groups if guidelines are followed.


Clients for this program include The City of Los Angeles, Pacific Monarch Resorts, TechmerPM.  To see testimonials from these groups, click here.


Dental offices of Dr. Blake Synowski                                          Nov 2000   Letter of reference 

Led an “Instant Troupe” class wherein attendees were taught just enough about improvisation to create their own show for their staff Christmas party.  Allowed members to work together in new ways and face their self-consciousness in speaking before the group.                


San Diego TheatreSports                                                              Sept 94 - present              

Lead quarterly two-day intensive to introduce strong foundation for quality improvised work. On-going monthly teaching of intermediate students and performing troupe members to advance their abilities. Group setting lecture as well as individual notes to personalize the experience for what each student needs. 


Student Playwrights Montage                                                      March - June 2005              

Lead weekly after school program at a charter school where students write their own monologues from my given prompt and are then coached in improving the writing and delivery toward a final goal of a show that is written entirely by the students.. 


TheaterMakers: Compassionate Communication                  Over 50 times since 2002


In-school assembly program to teach children and their teachers about the four steps to non-violent communication (as endorsed by the Center for Non-Violent Communication).  Couched within a program of fun with improvisation, the children come to see the importance of using these easily applied steps in their lives.  Teachers are given our lesson plans to reinforce the lessons.  Created in response to the tragedy in Columbine.


Hoover High School                                                                        Weekly in 2000-2001


Leading both a class and an after-school club in improvisation.  Public grant money used to fund program to raise collaboration, creativity awareness, and self-worth through improvisation.


Substitute Teaching                                                                        Periodically 2002-2005


Leading both a class and an after-school club in improvisation.  Public grant money used to fund program to raise collaboration, creativity awareness, and self-worth through improvisation.

Edmonton Fringe Festival in Alberta, Canada                         August 1997

Conducted workshop to share techniques learned from Calgary and L.A. with this troupe. Led exercises, introduced new formats, and performed.

Rowe Conference Center in Rowe, Massachusetts              September 1994 & 1995

Introduced beginners to improvisation to some basic games and formats in a few hours such that they were able to create a show that evening.

Playback Theater in New Paltz, NY                                            August 1995

Assisted facilitator in co-teaching Playback Theater techniques (described in "experience").