Videos of Milo Shapiro's leading your crowd in improv games


At times, Milo puts aside the lessons taught in fun teambuilding improv games and is asked to just lead a crowd in playing -- either in their seats or by bringing volunteers to the stage to play along.

At this time, Milo does not have video of times when he specifically has done that, but if you watch the interactive parts of his speeches below, you can get a good sense of how he blends these activities to either get the audience all playing OR make them the stars of the stage.  And of course, his Simon Sez work falls into this category.

Those videos are below for your convenience with time ranges to see games played in the audience or on stage by attendees.

  "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" (the new video)

See interactive moments at:

0:28 - 1:15   Gibberish Poet game

3:27 - 4:08   The letter "M" game

8:02 - 9:26   Alien Arms



  "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" (the old video...but it has a good game in it)

5:24 - 6:18  Speaking in One Voice


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