Video clips from Milo Shapiro's audience participation
"Simon Says"  (aka Simon Sez)

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<--  Finalists testing themselves
on stage, but even the
early-droppers gets to play
along in their minds,
calling out their peers,
with plenty of laughter.


Wake up the room with an interaction most attendees haven't tried in thirty years.  They'll discover that, not only have they not outgrown it, but they aren't a bit better at it! 

Listening is challenging...and in this case funny! Lightly competitive, this fun challenge engages the brain fully, especially when Milo gets trickier as he goes...

Sometimes we can get it down to one winner in the set amount of time; sometimes we just celebrate how many people are left at the end.

Here's selected clips from an event where where we did get it down from 500 attendees to one winner in just 20 minutes (the video is much shorter).

The intro by the group's president was his idea...and it worked well.

    "Inside of 15 minutes, those morning blahs were behind us and we had a large ballroom of alert conventioneers ready to hear [our client Flooring America's] important messages of the day. 

"We were thrilled to see that they were more than on-board − they were trying hard to keep up and stay in the game.  When the last twenty or so took to the stage, everyone was enthralled, watching for a winner and finally cheering for the man who outlasted the rest."


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