Letters of Reference - 
Coaching and Classes in Presentation Skills


Click the blue text lines below to see letters from clients who have used Milo's combination
of improv work, classroom examples, and direct feedback to improve public speaking ability





  Coaching testimonial: John Jenrette,
CEO of Sharp Community Medical Group

Classroom setting: letter from Jennifer Clecker,
Registered Nurse,

Covidien, makers of hospital medical devices.
Clinical Manager for Patient Monitoring, 
Team Lead of Sales,

    Coaching testimonial: Lee Krevat
San Diego Gas and Electric,

  Coaching singles/pairs/trios: John Hartman
President of MEA Digital
  The US Navy's information dominance systems command for space and naval
warfare systems
  Coaching testimonial: Marcio de Andrade,
(SPAce & Naval WARfare Systems Command),


Classroom setting testimonial from
the National Speakers Association
Class for professional speakers including a fresh look at speaking fundamentals and  applying improv techniques to improve their platform skills and dynamics.



  Coaching testimonial: Colette Carlson,
Speaker to women's groups about self-empowerment
    Classroom setting: letter from Irene Stillings,
Executive Director of the San Diego Regional Energy Office


  Coaching testimonial: Mike Pusnik,
Foresters Financial (then-called First Investors),
Senior Financial Services Representative.
    Classroom setting: letter from Dan Dawson,
Customer Relations Manager of the Big Blue Bus, the mass transit system for the City of Santa Monica


  Coaching Testimonial: Jennifer Sedlock,
professional motivational speaker and trainer in
Myers-Briggs personality typing
       Keynote setting: reference from EvÉ Bond

Planning committee coordinator for the
Int'l Assoc. of Admin. Professionals


  Coaching testimonial: Daniel Tautges,
Global Data Center Management,
  Keynote setting: reference from John Stenbeck

President of Project Management Institute,
San Diego Chapter


  Coaching Testimonial:  Dr. John R,
research scientist for a large medical organization
  American Association of Therapeutic Humor,
International Convention


  Coaching Testimonial: Sarita Maybin,
professional speaker on getting along better with others



  Coaching Setting Letter from Liz Goodgold,
professional speaker, branding expert

  Coaching testimonial: Kurt Wallien,
President of Roberta's Exotic Gardens (as seen on the QVC network)

  Coaching Testimonial: Kara Sandler,
salesperson and marketing presenter

  Coaching testimonial: Rev. Kevin Bucy,
Minister of Universal Spirit Center