(The US Navy's information dominance systems command for space and naval warfare systems)
Marcio de Andrade, PHD, Physicist

(note: as Mr. de Andrade's scan of his letter is a little hard to read in some browsers,
              the same text is repeated more clearly down below)



Marcio de Andrade, PhD

SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

53560 Hull Street 

San Diego, CA 92152


Dear Milo,


I'm extremely pleased that I was referred to you for coaching on my public speaking skills. Highly-technical engineering issues are difficult to explain to others, let alone in an interesting manner. As SPAWAR is the US Navy's information dominance systems command for space and naval warfare systems, most of what we do is indeed highly technical.


Your playful approach and willingness to dig into my material yielded not only better delivery on my part, but a far better program for me to deliver.


Incorporating just a little humor with your help, making better use of my visuals, and redoing my opening were just a few of the factors that made this presentation more successful for me.  I now feel surer that I could do a better job the next time I have a program to put together, though I do hope to be able to work with you again to continue mastering the skills we worked on.


Having to overcome English as a second language, an accent that sometimes works against me, and cultural differences (both my own and among my international co-workers), speaking to groups has intimidated me for a long time. Working with you has boosted my confidence on that level.


Please feel free to use this letter as a reference for future opportunities that come your way.


                                                                                                Yours truly,


 Marcio de Andrade, PhD


 SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific,

 Advanced Systems & Applied Sciences Division

 (619) 553-1515