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Milo Shapiro The Improv Guy!     

More than just speaking and training!

Memorable experiences that change people's outlook ...using the power of improvisation!




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Published Articles and Columns
written by Milo Shapiro:
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Milo's column "Full Speech Ahead!™"

   (as seen in San Diego Downtown News,
    Connections Magazine, and other press):

  Full Speech Ahead! is continuous series on different aspects of public speaking and presentation skills as based on questions Milo has received on vocal variety, PowerPoint usage, organizing materials, and more.


"Quit While You're Behind"  as featured in "Speaker" magazine. 
Click photo below to read the article.


“How to Find, Interview, Select, and Coordinate the Right Professional Speaker for your Event”

It can be a daunting task to find the right speaker.  There are a lot of pitfalls along with way...even after you contract with a good one!  This article will give you tips, action items, and check lists to make the process as smooth and inexpensive as possible.

“Creating a Safe Work Environment for Risk”

Organizations cease to create brilliance if the people within them live in the safety zone.  How can we make it more comfortable for them to strive further?

“Improv and the Event Planner”

Event planning is not an exact science.  How do you prepare yourself to be the kind of person who can handle the unexpected?

“Improv and the Professional Speaker or Trainer”

Whether you're in front of a small class or thousands in a stadium, you'll be at your best if you're the kind of person who easily adapts when circumstances don't go as planned.  What can you do to become more that way so the potential blunders become wonderful, unexpected moments?

“Who Has FUN With FAILURE?”

          American Society of Trainers and Developers May 2002 Issue: 

“You Gotta Fail...To Succeed!”   (subtitled:  Who Has FUN With Failure?)

A fun look at our fear of not measuring up to the supposed perfection of others and how this stops us from achieving greatness.  The article discusses how improvisation helps us break through these fears.  

(Note: This article is very similar to one written for ASTD above, but is geared more for general publication than a specific group). 

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Articles about Milo, IMPROVentures,
and the applications of improvisation:

CNBC - Jan 28, 2014:

"Entrepreneurs Who Risked Big To Follow Their Dreams"

San Diego Union-Tribune - Jan 6, 2010: 

       "Improv Skills Are Serious Help In Job Situations"

Lawyers Weekly USA - Oct 2002: 

       "Improv Training Can Improve Your Trial Skills"

San Diego Business Journal:  

        "Improvisation Helps Improve Listening, Communication Skills"

Mid-City Neighbor (on our kids' show):   "Art Imitating Life" 

Newsday  -- Long Island's primary newspaper -- on businesses that are using improv to expand staff collaboration and creativity!

       When in Doubt, Try Office Improv: Acting technique helps in problem-solving



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 Milo was inducted in 2002 as a "Professional Member" in the National Speaker Association, an acceptance-only association of professional speakers



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