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San Diego improv musical troupe:

The Musical Suspects have a record of turning innocent suggestions from San Diego audiences into spontaneous improvised musicals.

Makes for a great alibi.

To be guilty-by-association
with The Musical Suspects,
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Where can I rendezvous with
The Musical Suspects?

UPCOMING SHOWS at Finest City Improv in North Park
       4250 Louisiana St., just one building south of El Cajon Blvd.
       (right behind the Red Fox Room)

Note:  TMS is usually one of three groups you'll get to see for your ticket price.  Times below show specifically when TMS is scheduled to hit the stage but, when buying tickets, read carefully what time your package starts so you get all the improv fun you can for your bucks!


~ Friday, September 4    @ 9:30pm
~ Friday, September 11   @ 9:30pm
~ Saturday, October 10 @ 9:30pm



~See more photos on Facebook
~visit the Finest City Improv show listing
    for complete show schedules, directions, and tickets

For undercover contact, send all ransom notes to info@TheMusicalSuspects.net and someone will respond incognito with details as soon as the coast is clear.

The Musical Suspects "Most Wanted List":

Inna developed her improv skills impersonating other people so as to fool bookies out looking for her.  She was voted "Most likely to" at Las Colinas last spring and has served multiple sentences in the Disneyland jail.

While on probation, she began her improv journey workshopping with National Comedy Theatre and later joined Finest City Improv's house team, "Red Squared". After an amazing musical improv workshop with several of the scoundrels below, she became a founding member of what is now "The Musical Suspects" (formerly "Songs Against Humanity").

If you have questions about "The Musical Suspects", she is actually the most likely suspect to be contacted via info@TheMusicalSuspects.net .

C. J.

CJ is a Libra, loves carbs, works out, likes pie and can crack a safe with her teeth.  She was fired from the CIA for "knowing too much."

Off the record, since fleeing Charlottesville, Virginia in 2012, she has trained and performed with "Finest City Improv" and "Sidestage Improv"  in San DIego and "IO West" in Los Angeles.

CJ comes clean with personal details at www.myspace.com/CJisgodlike

Clara has never provided lovely call girls to foreigh diplomats, west coast rappers, Charlie Sheen, or the 2012 Republican Convention.  Really, she hasn't. 

Documented evidence, however, proves that she trained with Washington Improv Theater from 2008-2011 and performed with the group "Third Beat" for audiences in D.C. and NYC .  Moving to San Diego in 2013, she completed Finest City Improv's training program and co-founded the long-form improv team "First World Problems", which performs in San Diego. 

Using recently acquired skills, Gwenn plans to start her own Vanity License Plate business. When asked about her lurid past, Gwenn refuses to comment. Her only reply is "I didn't do it, I tell ya. I didn't do it!"

She's also been found guilty of performing with several choral groups, singing solo with her guitar in a variety of venues, and singing lead in the D.C. band "Sound Advice" for 15 years. Two years ago, she went rogue from the band to check out the San Diego Improv Scene.  She's been investigating it ever since and if you have any inside scoops, tell her at gwenn@TheMusicalSuspects.net .


Milo knows 27 deadly ways to use a whisk.  After 14 years performing under duress with San Diego TheatreSports, Milo now hides in plain sight as owner of IMPROVentures

IMPROVentures has three parts:  

   - corporate teambuilding based in improvisation

   - interactive motivational speeches about risk-taking

       (where the whole audience plays along) and

   - entertainment keynotes where two players use improvisation

        to prove ten business points in a show/keynote. 

Lee's resume includes attempting to overthrow North Korea's Kim Jong-un, waking repeatedly on Groundhog's Day, turning the Kingdom of Arandelle to ice, and getting hit on the head during a bar fight (we're only actually sure of the last one; we think he saw the rest in movies). 

We have found undeniable proof, though, that he spent nine years with "ComedySportz" in San Jose and San Diego, took a break and then spent many more with "San Diego TheatreSports" in...well...it's pretty obvious where. 

Casey would like to explain what happened "that night", but is still working on his alibi.  Until then, he has no comment.

Except to say that he performed, taught, and produced improv at UCSD's premier improv organization "Foosh" in 2007, performed with "San Diego Dinner Detectives" from 2010-2013, and continues to sneak away from "The Musical Suspects" to perform with "Husky Improv" from time-to-time.

The Musical Accomplices Accompanists :

"Jazz Hands"
Jordan is a master of disguise, shown here in a bandana created to blend into natural surroundings.  He once stood against a wall in his house for three days and no one in his family noticed.  Or so they said.

Musically, Jordan not only accompanies TMS in their shows (as he has done for groups like San Diego TheatreSports and Minor Suspension), but he serves as their musical director in rehearsal.

Bio coming as soon as cleared with his wife.

But it IS common knowledge on the street that Joe is a master of numerous instruments, one of which happens to be the keyboards that he tinkles the ivories of for TMS, Minor Suspension, and other improv groups.