"KIDding Around!

  Sharing creativity & crucial life lessons with youth...through improv and theater!

  Endorsed by San Diego Parent Magazine (see article)!  

"KIDding Around!" (the youth division of IMPROVentures) presents and exciting, fun, and inspiring assembly programs to grade-schoolers and teens.  We are proud of the contribution these two shows are making in these challenging times!

Through these outrageously humorous shows, we introduce elements of theater, creativity, literacy, and storytelling with an underlying theme of creative conflict resolution and considerate communication.  This is such a valuable addition to every school's enrichment program! 

We teach young people to express their feelings through thoughtful words rather than emotional reactions, planting the seeds for a generation that chooses coping over aggression.

In partnership with the Institute for Arts Education, we present these two fresh and exciting theatrical assembly presentations.  Each use improvisation and the lessons of considerate communication, but the right show for you is determined by age.  

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And YES, we are in the San Diego Unified 
School District's book of VAPA approved assemblies.

For more information on how you can bring "KIDding Around!" to your young audience, email or call:  

    For bookings, contact IMPROVentures 
            directly at (619) 542-0761 or
KIDding Around@IMPROVentures.com.

To view and/or print a black-and-white one-sheet brochure on either program, click here:  

If your needs are more for entertainment and less for education, "KIDding Around!" can do that, too, with our improv show "KIDding Around with Kids".    Learn more about our entertainment options at "KIDding Around: Party Fun!" for your children's party or event via the blue button below.