Using the power of improvisation
to strengthen your sales force


  When you're making a sales pitch, does everything go exactly the way you plan it every time? 

Or does life have a way of throwing you different curves with each new client, locations, and business type?

Improvisation helps teach us sales skills like:     

    Careful listening
  Adapting quickly
  "Matching" clients  
    Recognizing non-verbal clues
  Finding innovative solutions
  Building on ideas of others


The work that we have offered for years in teamwork is just as applicable to sales and customer support.  If your staff doesn't get that they are forming a team effort with their client - even if only for three minutes on the phone - then they are missing the big picture of developing sales relationships.


It's more than the product.  It's more than seeming likeable. 
It's about making someone want to buy this from you.


"ImprovSkills for Sales™" is a fun day of exercises tie back to central themes of Creativity, Cooperation, Communication, Community, and Commitment -- all of which are critical in sales.


Rather than create a separate video, brochures, and more, we trust that you will be able to look at our material on TEAMprovising™ and see how we apply the same or similar exercises to lessons in sales during the debriefing of the game.  For instance, in the eye-contact exercise:  instead of it being about making your co-workers more comfortable with you, we talk about putting clients more at ease with you.


Please click to take a look at the fun and results of TEAMprovising and we'll be happy to talk to you further about how we adapt it in our program, "ImprovSkills for Sales™"