"KIDding Around With KIDS!"  

For a more interactive program, we love "KIDding Around with KIDS"Take a break yourself from trying to be the entertainers for a while and let our improvisers come in for the fun.  Sing-a-longs, participation games, theatre exercises...from pre-school to junior high, we'll come in with a fun set of activities they'll probably keep playing long after we've left.  

Fun props like hats, wigs, props, costumes and instruments for the kids to play are all part of the fun, so there's lots of room for creativity, play and photo ops!

They'll play great games they've never seen before like:

and more!  It's a chance for creative, mind-expanding fun instead of the sit-back-and-show-me entertainment they already get so much of on T.V.

For more information on how you can bring "KIDding Around with KIDS"  to your party, use our contact button above.