"KIDding Around!presents "TheaterMakers"  (for pre-school thru 6th grades)


A couple of notes before you watch the video:


1)  The audience for this particular show was K-3.  The show content is the same for 4-6,
          but we address them differently so that it works for the older groups as well.

2)  The first half of the show focuses on theater, literacy, and storytelling.  It is in the second
          half that we transition into the Four Steps to Non-Violent Communication.

3)   Yes, Laura's brand new black shirt shrunk when she washed it the night before. 
          She replaced it right after this show. 

4)   It's hard to capture 40 minutes of fun in an 8 minute video, but we hope this will give
          you an idea of how much fun and learning is in the show.  Call for more info!


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