Full Speech Ahead! : Milo Shapiro's column on public speaking and his podcast show on communication with an emphasis on the spoken word. Milo's podcast `Full Speech Ahead!` can be heard on ThriveTalkRadio.com. Milo's column `Full Speech Ahead!` on public speaking skills can be found in San Diego Downtown News and on his website at www.FullSpeechAhead.com.  

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About Milo as a speaking coach:

Milo Shapiro's approach to the topic of public speaking skills is grounded in the same quality training that led to his own keynote presentations for organizations like Minolta, Southwest Airlines, Qualcomm, Sharp HealthCare, and Wellpoint/BlueCross.

Yet his style is more playful and interactive than most trainers; clients enjoy learning with less stress. 

You'll have the opportunity to use play as an access to learning -- a concept we generally lose track of after about fourth grade.  Feedback will be immediate, personal, and applicable. 

Milo has had years of experience in working with his own keynote material and in helping others find the power in their voice.  Through immediately useable techniques and critiques, he will show you where reorganized material, creative word selection, and stronger delivery will have your audiences leaning forward to catch every syllable.

Public Dynamics™ is also great training for sales staff, internal managers, politicians, and even students who want an edge in this competitive world.

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Milo talks about speaking skills and the fear of public speaking on KUSI Ch 9's "Good Morning San Diego":


A favorite coaching testimonial:


Testimonial from Dr. John Jenrette,
CEO, Sharp Community Medical Group

        "I’ve participated in many programs on speaking skills over the years, but this was my first time trying individual executive coaching on the topic − and what a difference!  Your working directly with me advanced my knowledge and abilities to a level that group lessons never could.

         "The one-on-one approach allowed you to focus solely in areas where I needed development as a CEO speaking to my organization.  Together, we determined areas in which growth would benefit me and you tailored exercises directly relevant to programs that I give, setting that growth in motion.

        "The most definitive moments of payoff were after you worked with me on specific upcoming programs.  Your ability to help me find more powerful words, streamline my ideas more effectively, build stories with strong imagery, and communicate the final speech in a dynamic style is making an impact on my audiences.  After my presentation this week, I had two doctors came up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed my presentation.  Doctors!  A tough bunch to impress! 

         "I had confided in a colleague that I'd hired a coach.  The day after the presentation, he approached me to say he’s seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of both my material and performance.  He also said he could see that audience’s attention was decidedly stronger than in the past. "

         (Please click to see the whole letter from Mr. Jenrette)


Here's an email from Dr. Jenrette six months later:



I am getting great feedback at my most recent talks and lots of questions on how I did this.

Today I presented at the Sharp Leadership conference to tell people how I was a “Learning Leader".  I told the story of how I wanted to improve my presentation skills and how I hired a speaking coach with improv skills and demonstrated some of what I learned and gave a hugely successful presentation.

Mike Murphy, the CEO of Sharp HealthCare, told me there are going to be lots of people who want to find out who I worked with and there were lots of congratulations afterward.

Our Director of the Six Sigma team here at Sharp HealthCare texted me (during the meeting!) and he has been looking for a way to improve his team of black belts on presentation skills, facilitating their work groups, etc., but he had not found anything very innovative. He and I talked after the meeting and you'll be hearing from him soon!

Thanks again, Milo and I have a feeling there will be more interest coming from Sharp.   Happy to let you know that we're already working on bringing you in to give your keynote "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!" for a larger group so we can gauge interest in more coaching around Sharp.  Hope you have time in December for that.

John E. Jenrette MD

John E. Jenrette MD

Chief Executive & Medical Officer

Sharp Community Medical Group




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