"Grow With The Flow"



The fun of audience-interaction through improv games they'll play from their seats...

Sandwiched between two great true-life motivational tales -- 30 great minutes in all.

Thought PowerPoint was for data and words?

In "Grow With The Flow" the visual images are flying as Milo shares two great tales: 

  • A camping trip where Milo's friend (and eventually Milo, too) learns from his Dad the value of taking chances to get to new places.

  • The time Milo witnessed a huge blunder handled with incredible finesse...transforming a blooper
    into brilliance.

Between the two, Milo allows your attendees to play with that idea of taking chances through one or two of his audience interaction games.


  "The stories were touching, the messages were motivating, and it created the open-minded feeling we wanted for the rest of the event.

"Equally special were the interactive games you led us through in the middle of the program.  Some tables were laughing so hard at their unexpected creativity!"

   -Carrol Vaughan, San Diego Housing Commission, 
                               CEO and Interim President

  Read her full letter


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