HNC Software - Letter of Reference

Text equivalent of letter above:

Milo Shapiro
3620 Georgia St. Suite #7
San Diego, CA 92103

Dear Milo,

Thank you for presenting “Whose Line Manager Is It Anyway” to our Software Engineering Leadership Forum on February 12, 2002. The purpose of the forum was to bring the top engineering leaders at HNC together to focus on Leadership and Best Practices within the Software Development Lifecycle. We had a number of talks on driving common development culture, establishing and sharing best practices, communicating leadership, and driving for quality.

Your talk brought a fresh perspective to the quality and teamwork message we were trying to get across. Before your entrance, the presentations were a little on the dry side, but informative. Once you took over, people were laughing and really enjoying the presentation as well as the message. The Teamwork and Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed messages were especially well received since those are issues we deal with on a daily basis.

Thanks for providing a break from the standard presentations we were having as well as getting across a number of good messages that we will use in our day to day activities at HNC Software.


Nelson Copp,
Director, Quality Assurance