Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Letter of Reference from
John Loran, manager of ADP


Text of letter above:

Dear Milo and Lee,


Four stars!  The perfect end to our off-site day!   We wanted something funny, topical, and valuable and you fit the bill beautifully.  The improv was great for laughs while the stories you included really helped bring home the messages.


I still chuckle, for instance, when I recall Milo’s story about his grandfather teaching him to start the car.   It certainly showed the importance of doing our research when we are taking advice! 


The ten points were great and I appreciated your flexibility in tailoring them somewhat to better meet our current challenges.  I know my suggestion for “Change Is Constant” was not one of your original points, so it was wonderful to see that principle show up right at the top of the list.  “Change” is a huge issue for staff that have been through a lot of merger and re-organization stress in the last two year.  This is a big part of why we held the conference.


Finally, thanks for being so flexible as we changed dates and times and locations.  Our admin said working with you was one of the easiest parts of planning this event.


We’d recommend you to anyone looking for a bright and upbeat program!



                                                             Best of everything,



                                                             John Loran

                                                             Executive Director,  

                                                            Analytical Research and Development